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Composition Special pt.1: Shapes and Lines

Every week I introduce several artists that inspire me on inspired by 7188my visual diary on tumblr. This blog post is a distillation of the good stuff.

This month is a bit different than the other parts of my monthly “inspired in…” series, because this is going to be all about composition and visual elements that make a photograph.

Now, I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve been learning more about some definable elements in photographs these days, which is actually more fun than I would’ve thought! So far I never really had the vocabulary to describe a photograph and to see how certain elements and colors evoke certain emotions in the viewer – all I had so far were the emotions when viewing a photograph, and I was – and still am, for the most part – fine with that, because I’m used to act on my intuition.

Nevertheless, this month I’ve been looking more into composition, lines, shapes, colors, texture and what they do, and very simply summarized my findings on inspired by 7188 together with a photo each to illustrate the element in question. Here, I will summarize all of that even more to give you a nice little overview. Needless to say, if you want to know more about one thing or the other, you might want to check out the more detailed descriptions on tumblr, or just write a comment under this post and let’s have a conversation about it.

The main elements I want to make you aware of are shapes, lines, color and texture.

Today in part 1 I am going to write about shapes and lines, and later this week in part 2 about color and texture. Let’s start with shapes:

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Tokyo Crow’s Eye

The change of seasons in Tokyo – and maybe big parts of the rest of Japan – is marked by a very clearly distinguished sequence of natural events and the advent of certain messengers. In winter, Japanese plum trees (ume, 梅) start to bloom beautifully. After that, the popular cherry blossoms (sakura, 桜) send tremors of euphoria through the country and announce the advent of spring. The cherry blossoms fall, and the crows appear. Huge crows. Smart crows. And aggressive crows. I get attacked at least once a year – and I’m not the only one, judging from the warning signs that appear during that season. The crows calm down a bit, and the rainy season starts. One month of rain.

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