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Composition Special pt.2: Color and Texture

Every week I introduce several artists that inspire me on inspired by 7188, my visual diary on tumblr. This blog post is a distillation of the good stuff.

Today’s blog post is the promised second part of my composition and visual elements that make a photograph series. In the first part, I was writing about how shapes and lines make up a photograph, and how they influence the mood and emotional response of the viewer.

Today I’m going to introduce the two other main visual elements in a photograph: color and texture.

These 4 elements – shape, line, color, texture – are the basic elements from which you build your composition and perspective. It’s like cooking: once you know your ingredients, you know how to cook better. All of a sudden you know exactly what’s missing in your meal, and what spice you have to add to give it that special taste you’re after. Not only that, you’ll also start to appreciate that incredible dish you had in that new classy restaurant or at your friend’s mom’s much more, and you’ll understand exactly what makes it taste special/awesome. (Did I mention that cooking is one of my biggest passions after creating photographs?) Bottom line: Know your ingredients.

How can color and texture be used more consciously in a photograph, to say what you want to say? Or if you’re the viewer, how come you find some photos speak stronger and clearer to you than others? Let’s start with color.

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