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Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Tokyo Fashion. Harajuku 6465.

Tokyo Fashion Shooting: Harajuku

This Tuesday, if you had walked around Tokyo, more precisely around the infamous Harajuku area, in front of Yoyogi Park, just after the rain stopped late afternoon, then you might have seen something a bit different than usual. It is not unusual to see small groups of girls and guys (usually girls) there dressed up louder than you could have ever imagined. Very often, these groups practice a ritual, which I’m still waiting for to vanish from this planet forever: cosplay, imitating characters from anime.

Sometimes, however, there are groups of fashion-frenzy young people, amazingly creative in their outfits, no less loud than the cosplay gangs but without all the weird stuff, you know. Without the weird stuff. That’s more my thing.

Google Glass and Harajuku fashion fits perfectly - don't you think? ;)

Google Glass and Harajuku fashion fits perfectly – don’t you think?

You would have seen such a bright group on Tuesday, surrounded by dozens of people with cameras, and a couple of VIPs. You would also have seen me, trying to bring order into the masses, apparently resembling a German shepard – as my friend pointed out. He probably wanted to make fun of me, but to me it sounds like a compliment.

Compliment or not, I didn’t have much time to think about how much I resemble a German shepard at that time, because I was guiding the A-TEAM and our beautiful models to some photo spots around Harajuku’s Takeshita Street and a couple places on the Omotesando side. This caused a bit of a tumult because of bystanders who had no idea what’s going on, and wanted to get a good shot of what they thought were celebrities or the like, but we had many locations to cover and the “get in there take photos and get out if you have the shot” military mission style tactic worked perfectly.

Here’s some more of the photos that I took at the event, enjoy!

Tokyo Fashion: Harajuku

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