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What is The real Letter?

THE real LETTER is my free original newsletter about visual arts and photography, handwritten and spiced up with prints of my photos. Yes, you heard right: ink on paper, and prints to hold in your hands, delivered by your local postman. Because it is different from seeing it on your screen.

So, why am I doing this?

When I started out writing my newsletter – THE LETTER – I naturally wrote each month’s issue by hand before typing it up – and I still work that way for almost anything. Why? Guess I’m the kind of person who finds it stimulating to write with ink and paper in a cafe or somewhere, while observing people around me (and also, I don’t have a laptop, so I don’t have much choice have I, haha). There’s something about that tactile feeling that stimulates the mind. Also, I just can’t think properly in my tiny Tokyo apartment, which is as big as my bed x2. Actually writing you a letter that I’d type up later also helps in giving the newsletter the feel I want, I guess. It’s not called THE LETTER for no reason!

After issue #02 (that’s after the 3rd issue, if you count the prologue) I realized that I end up having these real letters lying around – and unsent letters always evoke that miserable feeling in me. A letter unsent is an extremely lonely thing, I could write books about it, But I digress. I thought, even if I can’t send a real letter to everyone of you, at least I can send it to one of you each time I write it, so you can have the real experience in your hands.

Problem is: How to find/decide who is going to get THE real LETTER – and do people actually give a damn? That’s where I need your help, because even more miserable than a unsent letter is a letter without response. So far I thought about handling it like I wrote below, but what do you think?

How do you get your real letter?

If you’re already a subscriber of THE LETTER – my monthly-or-so newsletter about visual arts and photography – you’re automatically in the drawing box. I will send you a mail and let you know if you’re the lucky one before I send out the e-version. Even if you’re not the one, there’s a fancy scanned ebook pdf-version in the newsletter.

If for any reason you’re not subscribed to THE LETTER and don’t want to, then there’s still a chance – I am thinking about special events, or those who help spread the word, and so on.

Want to write your own letter?

Who knows, some of you people might be crazy enough to write a letter themselves and add some photos, drawings, sketches, doodles, whatever. It’s fun to not be restricted by a keyboard! I’d love to read it, and share it with everyone, if you want. Write me a mail if you are interested in contributing.


New name card design

I was asking myself whether I really need a “logo” or not – and the answer is definitely “no” – but it was just so much fun coming up with one, so I did it anyway! 😉

Thoughts and features
My name itself, Holger Feroudj, should be used as the main brand. The initials HF were stylized and turned 90 degrees, resembling the Japanese/Chinese character 生 – meaning life, genuine, raw (which, being in Japan, most people actually understand, haha).
Complete name was included for the main purpose of indicating the orientation the card should be held by the viewer.
The signature was added to instill a personal and handmade feeling, both qualities I stand for and try to represent in my work.
Backside of the card was kept simple and includes the Japanese phonetic name, so people actually know how to pronounce it.
Two versions were made, the one here showing twitter and facebook social media information, and another one that shows my address (not shown).

Versions and flexibility
The black-heavy logo offers good possibilities to be used in all kinds of modifications, e.g. as a mask for my photographs and similar, depending on context.