from "Portraits: Act 1" by Holger Feroudj
Samurai Italiano
Portrait 1321
Portrait 1321
Tokyo, JAPAN - portrait 8535: Andrew
Tokyo, JAPAN - portrait 8535: Andrew
Portrait. Mt. Fuji, Japan. 2012.
Bubble party
Having some good time in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo including picnic and massive heat. These two guys had so much fun with their soap bubbles. Tried to capture that in the photo. When was the last time you did that?
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Harajuku.
Japanese Body Painting
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Roppongi. Japanese artist SHOHEI doing a live body painting performance.
Kyoto, JAPAN. 2013.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014. Couzt.
Ameyoko. Ueno, Tokyo. JAPAN. 2014.
After the fireworks II
After the fireworks II. Matsudo, Japan. 2012.
Ise, Japan. 2012.
Zojoji Temple
Zojoji Temple. Tokyo, Japan. 2012.
Where it began
Germany, 2013.
Lake Yamanaka, JAPAN.
Lake Yamanaka, JAPAN. 2010 - First morning light.
The Fisherman
Lake Yamanaka, JAPAN. 2010 - The Fisherman.
City Escapes 4269
Lake Motosu, JAPAN. 2013. Fairy Dust.
Mt. Fuji 9111
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2010 - Red diamond.
Mt. Fuji. Japan.
Mountain Hut
Mt. Fuji, Japan.
Above Clouds
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2011 - Above clouds, on the descent back to earth.
Mist coming in
Busan, South Korea.
Hakone, Japan. 2007.
Drive-by Shooting 01
Bibai, Hokkaido, JAPAN.
Drive-by Shooting 05
Hokkaido, JAPAN - Drive-by Shooting 05
Sakura 7282
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2010 - Sakura/Cherry trees in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices in Shinjuku
City Story
City Story. Tokyo, Japan. 2010.
Kasumigaseki. Tokyo, Japan. 2010.
Bridge. Kobe, Japan. 2014.
fox 0969
The Cock
City Story
City Story. Tokyo, Japan. 2010.
Kobe, Japan. 2014.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Shinjuku East.
City Story
City Story. Tokyo, Japan. 2012.
Awaodori Matsuri
Awaodori Matsuri. Kagurazaka, Tokyo. Japan. 2014.
Enoshima, Japan.
Omotesando. Tokyo, Japan.
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. 2012.
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. 2012. Night scene at KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers.
Holger Feroudj 2010
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Jogging along the Arakawa River.
The clouds close-by (foreground) moved really fast and for a short moment revealed the very voluminous clouds in the background. Shot this with a polarizer so I got really strong contrasts in the clouds.

Green Cumulonimbus 1275
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2012. - Green cumulonimbus clouds.
Tokyo, JAPAN - Shinjuku 7753
Tokyo, JAPAN - Shinjuku. Skyline at sunset, a.k.a. 'sunset on LSD'
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. Shinjuku.