Shinjuku 7753
Tokyo, JAPAN - Shinjuku. Skyline at sunset, a.k.a. 'sunset on LSD'
The Fisherman
Lake Yamanaka, JAPAN. 2010 - The Fisherman.
Kasumigaseki 0609
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2010 - Kasumigaseki 0609
Morning 8935
Lake Yamanaka, JAPAN. 2010 - First morning light.
Sakura 7282
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2010 - Sakura/Cherry trees in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices in Shinjuku
Sunset 6042
Kobe, JAPAN.
Mt. Fuji 9111
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2010 - Red diamond.
Seoul Tower 2073
Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. 2011 - The warm light and mist wrapped the city in this golden blanket.
Hut above clouds
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2011 - One of the mountain huts on Mt. Fuji/Japan seen from above on the descent.
Munich, GERMANY - BMW Welt
Munich, GERMANY. 2010 - BMW headquaters in Munich, Germany shot from the BMW Welt showroom/museum.
Above Clouds
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2011 - Above clouds, on the descent back to earth.
After the fireworks II
Matsudo, JAPAN. 2012 - After the Matsudo Fireworks Festival some people remain to drink and relax.
Mt. Fuji Sunrise 5305
Mt. Fuji, JAPAN. 2012 - With the sky above and the earth down there, far away, and the red and crimson at the horizon, illuminating the spectacle, something deep inside me starts moving. This is the same spectacle that man has seen ever since they started to see. This is the magical scene that sparks religion and life itself. In this moment, when the sun announces itself and then magically rises, we realize the beauty of nature, the beauty of life. It is this feeling of awe, this selfless admiration of forces we cannot influence, the feeling of losing yourself in something beautiful as this, that gives me happiness and satisfaction as few other things. It is this feeling of being one with the world around you, that I want to express in my photos for everyone to see. Look what we have - what more do we need?
Ameyoko 7700
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2012 - Ueno, Ameyoko. Typical rainy neon bladerunner day in Tokyo. Ameyoko has a very down-to-earth feeling. As opposed to the posh neighborhoods everything looks a bit more shabby and feels much more human.
Fall 0701
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2010 - December colors in Tokyo, Japan.