Gray Day
Gray Day. March 2016.
Interference: Goldfish
Interference: Goldfish. 2014.
Neon Fish 086
Neon Fish 086. Germany. 2015.
Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend. Germany. 2016.
Radio Waves
Radio Waves. Germany. 2016.
New Year's Eve 2015. Hamburg.
New Year's Eve. Hamburg, Germany. 2015.
Dance Night
Dance Night at Shisui deux. Tokyo, Japan. 2015.
Lifelines. Tokyo, Japan. 2015, July.
Silver gelatin contact print from 20x25cm negative.
Ani. Shinjuku, Tokyo. Japan. ©2015 holger feroudj
Giovanni. Tokyo, Japan. ©2015 holger feroudj
Shinjuku, Tokyo. Japan. 2015.
Shinjuku, Tokyo. Japan. 2015.
At the river.
At the river. Akita, Japan. ©2015 holger feroudj
Lake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa (田沢湖). Akita, Japan. ©2015 holger feroudj
Lake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa. Akita, Japan. 2015. ©holger feroudj
kodomo no hi
kodomo no hi (こどもの日). Akita, Japan. 2015. Kodomo no hi, or Children's Day, is celebrated in Japan every year on May 5th.
©holger feroudj
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse. Tokyo, Japan. ©2012 holger feroudj
Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Tokyo, Japan. 2014. ©holger feroudj
Street Sleep
Street Sleep. Tokyo, Japan. 2009. ©holger feroudj
Awajishima. Japan. 2014.
Awajishima. Japan. 2014. ©2014 holger feroudj
Dance Night.
Sexy Dance Night. Shisui deux, Tokyo. Japan. ©2015 holger feroudj
Saori Arai @ Gajoen
Saori Arai at Gajoen. Tokyo. 2014.
Tower Sunset
Tower Sunset. Tokyo, Japan. ©2014 holger feroudj
Max, go home.
Max, go home. Tokyo, Japan. ©2014 holger feroudj
Good night
Good night. Otsuka, Tokyo. Tokyo. 2014.
Shibuya Policewoman
Policewoman. Shibuya, Tokyo. Japan. ©2014 holger feroudj
Striped House
Striped House. Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Portrait of Giovanni. Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Portrait of Giovanni. Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Love is a maze
Love is a maze. Fukuoka, Japan. 2014.
General Confusion
General Confusion. Kobe, Japan. 2014.
Sumida River Fireworks Festival
Annual Sumidagawa Firworks Festival in Tokyo, with Sky Tree in the background. About 1 million people gather one day each year to see this most famous fireworks display in Tokyo. Instead of getting stuck for hours in the masses, I chose to watch the spectacle from the distance this year.
Bridge. Kobe, Japan. 2014.
At the Lighthouse.
At the Lighthouse. Kobe, Japan. 2014.
Kobe. 2014.
Kobe, Japan. 2014.
Goldfish. Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Many ways to go, one common destination.
Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Saori Arai (荒井沙織)
Saori Arai (荒井沙織). Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Calling Home
Calling Home. Ueno, Tokyo. 2014.
Blinded by the Light
Blinded by the Light. Saori Arai. Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Night Cherry 2x
Night Cherry 2x. Ueno, Tokyo, Japan. 2014.
Selfie or Unselfie: That is the question.
Selfie or Unselfie: That is the question. Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014.
Camellia sasanqua
Kobe, JAPAN. 2014. Theaceae, Camellia, C. sasanqua
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014. Nakano.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014. Nakano. At the end of the tunnel. © 7188/ holger feroudj
Yokohama, Japan. 2014.
Yokohama, Japan. 2014. Melted Snow by 7188/ holger feroudj
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014. Couzt.
Tokyo, JAPAN. 2014. Couzt.