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Inspired in April

Every week I introduce several artists that inspire me on my visual diary on tumblr, inspired by 7188.
More and more, I discover the pleasure of looking at other people’s work, and the importance of “knowing your peers.”
I think it is true that photographers in general do not know much or care much about what their follow photographers really do. If that’s a good thing or a bad one is a completely different discussion (likely an interesting one!).

Here, I am presenting some of the artists of last month with only one image per artist, which often only represents the scope of their work meagerly. To see more of each artist, check inspired by 7188 to see my personal preference (art critics would probably hate me for picking what I picked haha), or check the artist’s pages directly (by clicking on their names). Enjoy!

Li Hui

Li Hui
© Li Hui

Her photos made my brain fuse pop right away, and then I felt some melty goodness in there. Silent and intimate, hidden and mysterious, very calm, sometimes lost. (link to blog)


azu sur

Spatiotemporal © azu sur
Spatiotemporal © azu sur

This is his photo “Spatiotemporal.” Very intriguing, like a portal to another world. I have no idea what kind of place this was taken at, but you can’t deny the magnetic attraction it has, can you. (link on blog)

Michael Magin

Different © Michael Magin
Different © Michael Magin

Michael Magin (Zeitautomatik Photography) is a German photographer whose portraits have this clean, quiet but still very powerful look. Especially the photo here, “Different,” is very fascinating to me, from the red veil to the closed eyes. (link on blog)


Harry Callahan

© Harry Callahan
© Harry Callahan

Well, I already wrote in detail about Harry Callahan, his 38 exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and his fascinating role as one of the first photographers who used photography as a form of artistic expression in my previous blog post, “One for all, all for Harry Callahan

I’m still intrigued by the fact that he’s so versatile, but still extremely successful, quite unlike the apparent “stick to one style only” dogma these days/weeks/years. (link on tumblr)


Fong Qi Wei

Exploded Flowers © Fong Qi Wei
Exploded Flowers © Fong Qi Wei

Unfortunately I do not know much about the artist, but his “Exploded Flowers” series really captivated me. It’s a brilliant idea and besides from being optically pleasing, these are images that manage to capture my eyes for longer than usual – a great achievement! (full disclosure: I’m a learnt biologist and might be biased.) (link on blog)


Atsushi Fukui (福井篤)

metrodon © Atsushi Fukui
metadron © Atsushi Fukui

Born in 1966 and a ’89 graduate of one of Japan’s most renowned art universities, Tokyo University of the Arts (東京芸術大学). I saw this 2006 painting of his, called metatron, in the Yokohama Museum of Art (横浜美術館), and was impressed immediately. First by its size (228x228cm), and then of course by its color and composition that was on the same wavelength like something in my brain, humming in harmony. One of my definite recent favorites. (link on blog)

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