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Inspired in June

Every week I introduce several artists that inspire me on my visual diary on tumblr, inspired by 7188. This blog post is a distillation of all the good stuff.

This month – just like in May – many artists that didn’t use photography as a medium caught my eyes the most. There are some amazing ink/illustration/photography combinations out there in the ether, and I made it my mission to find them and then come back and report about it here. To see more works of each artist, check inspired by 7188 for my personal preferences, or check the artist’s pages directly.


Russ Mills (byroglyphics)

“Halcyon” ©Russ Mills

Russ Mills, born 1971 in the UK, is likely my favorite artist this month. I would love to just hang out with him one day and see how he does his amazing illustration/painting work. His artworks, by the way, are huge. Definitely check out his website to see other amazing work and photos of the incredible details and textures of his paintings.

Dragan Todorović

“sɛləˈdɔː” ©Dragan Todorović

Dragan Todorović is a master of shadows, silhouettes and doorways. He manages to put a lot of mystery and mood into his photos. Also, on a technical side, he’s using the Fuji X-Pro1 – spoiler alert! – which will soon be mine.



Alberto Seveso

Ayaka - Beautiful EP ©Alberto Seveso

Ayaka – Beautiful EP ©Alberto Seveso

Remember the amazing ink in water photography/artwork I showed you last month? I finally found out who did it! His name is Alberto Seveso, and he also uses his ink in water work for different illustration/design projects, like this CD cover and booklet here.

Find out more about him here: Alberto Seveso website


Dan Mountford

©Dan Mountford

©Dan Mountford

If you have to do double exposure portraits – do them right. Dan Mountford sure knows how to do it, and put me back on my feet or lower, because when I look at my own double exposure work and then his – man, there’s a lot of work ahead for me!

His website:


Christopher Anderson

©Christopher Anderson, Magnum Photos

©Christopher Anderson, Magnum Photos

Christopher Anderson is one of my favorite Magnum Photographers of their “young generation.” Especially his body of work called “Bleu Blanc Rouge” (for us – me included – who don’t speak the French language “Blue White Red“) is amazing for its colors. I like color.

Check out more about Christopher Anderson on his Magnum Photos website.

(P.S: On a side note, the Magnum Photos Annual General Meeting (AGM) finished and 2 new full members were elected. Congratulations to Peter van Agtmael and Olivia Arthur!)




The double exposure image of the hand is really nice. Reminds me of the Blumenfeld but still very original and we’ll executed.

Yeah it’s a nice original idea that I haven’t seen before 🙂 His other double exposure portraits are very good, as well, although the idea (texturing a person’s silhouette) is being used all the time. Hard to make something that doesn’t look overused, but he does a good job at that.

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