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Inspired in May

Every week I introduce several artists that inspire me on my visual diary on tumblr, inspired by 7188.

Here – just like I did for April – I want to introduce some of the artists that inspired me in May. To see more of each artist, check inspired by 7188 to see more personal preferences, or check the artist’s pages directly.

This month you’ll find more paintings and illustrations than usual – this time I just felt more inspired by that medium. Hey, gotta keep an open mind 😉



Lee Jeffries

© Lee Jeffries

Much of Lee Jeffries’ work is deals with portraits of homeless people, but not the sneaky kind. You can feel from the photos that he took the effort to get to know the people he photographed, and the result is incredibly intimate and captivating. Highly recommended.

Website: Lee Jeffries

Grahame Boothe

Lindisfarne, Northumberland. Watercolor. © Grahame Booth

I found Grahame Booth’s watercolor paintings by chance, but was drawn to them immediately – to the whole medium actually. There’s a fantastic quality to how the colors “flow” together and form these wonderful scenes. This really opened my eyes to another dimension I hadn’t seen like that before.



Adrian Limani

© Adrian Limani

It’s a pleasure to see his composite work. I like that in many of his pieces he/someone is walking away or turned away from the camera – directing eyes and mind to another place.





… and lastly this find from tumblr. Ink. I love ink. Plus this ink is in my colors.


Hope you enjoy their work as much as I do – if yes, spread the happy message! hehe


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