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Tokyo Crow’s Eye

The change of seasons in Tokyo – and maybe big parts of the rest of Japan – is marked by a very clearly distinguished sequence of natural events and the advent of certain messengers. In winter, Japanese plum trees (ume, 梅) start to bloom beautifully. After that, the popular cherry blossoms (sakura, 桜) send tremors of euphoria through the country and announce the advent of spring. The cherry blossoms fall, and the crows appear. Huge crows. Smart crows. And aggressive crows. I get attacked at least once a year – and I’m not the only one, judging from the warning signs that appear during that season. The crows calm down a bit, and the rainy season starts. One month of rain.

When it ends, it’s middle of July. It’s getting hot. Really hot, day by day more. People faint. And then the next messenger arrives: Cicadas that sounds like that 56k modem you might remember when you’re 30ish or older, just a thousand times louder and tuned in to the frequency of your brain, making it very noticeably and painfully vibrate. Insanity is never far these days. Luckily, the cicadas don’t live very long, and soon you see their dead bodies everywhere. On the street, in front of your door, in your shower… And then appears creation’s crowning glory: cockroaches. Once they stop appearing the leaves of the trees turn yellow and red, and then you know: soon it’s winter again.

So, I digressed pretty bad time here! The star of today are no flowers, no cicadas and no cockroaches: I present a view of Tokyo as seen by its other big population after humans and cockroaches: Crows.

So far it’s a series of 3 published photographs, likely to be extended in future. The link to the gallery is

crow's eye 7034

Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. ©holger feroudj 2013

crow's eye 7022

Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. ©holger feroudj 2013

crow's eye 7060

Tokyo, JAPAN. 2013. ©holger feroudj 2013


Great pictures! Can I ask where in Tokyo were these taken?

Thanks CT! These were taken from the Bunkyo-ku Civic Center.

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