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New name card design

I was asking myself whether I really need a “logo” or not – and the answer is definitely “no” – but it was just so much fun coming up with one, so I did it anyway! 😉

Thoughts and features
My name itself, Holger Feroudj, should be used as the main brand. The initials HF were stylized and turned 90 degrees, resembling the Japanese/Chinese character 生 – meaning life, genuine, raw (which, being in Japan, most people actually understand, haha).
Complete name was included for the main purpose of indicating the orientation the card should be held by the viewer.
The signature was added to instill a personal and handmade feeling, both qualities I stand for and try to represent in my work.
Backside of the card was kept simple and includes the Japanese phonetic name, so people actually know how to pronounce it.
Two versions were made, the one here showing twitter and facebook social media information, and another one that shows my address (not shown).

Versions and flexibility
The black-heavy logo offers good possibilities to be used in all kinds of modifications, e.g. as a mask for my photographs and similar, depending on context.



Nemo Tran

漢字の ”生” ?って思ったのは内緒b

holger feroudj

w +Nemo Tran わざと「生」っぽくしたので、内緒じゃなくても大丈夫ですw

Μελένια Μέλι

……..Excellent…..Thank you holger….!!Melenia

mamo delpero

Looks good Holger, well thought.

holger feroudj

Thank you +mamo delpero 🙂 Having a logo like this feels kind of pretentious, but leaving one side of the card blank just felt like such a waste haha

Mocha Frap

is your name [ +holger feroudj ] ; as SOFT & Delicate as, Sashimi ? (LOL) Now that's (RAW) 😀 BTW……..i LOVE your Creative iDeas & Concept of your Name Logo : Bottom Left = [ CoLorFuL ]

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