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What are your 50 best photographs? - holger feroudj / blog

What are your 50 best photographs?

Two weeks ago I ran into trouble: A very experienced and successful photographer asked me to send him my 50 best photographs by the morning of the following day. Not 10 good photographs, but my 50 best photographs. Now, I would already be a very happy man if I had even 50 good photographs… and besides, I have been shooting a lot of different things over the past 10 years, how could I possibly make a good selection without any restriction other than “best”? Worse yet: I only had half a day to make the selection.

Needless to say it was a long night. When it was already getting bright outside, I was exhausted, sleepy, tired. I wasn’t satisfied with my selection. Once again I realized there’s so much more work to do, so many photos I didn’t take yet, but have to. And it was really hard to decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete. I decided to let it be, sent the 50 photos in, and went to bed in a rather ill mood.

This is the selection I came up with, my 50 best photographs as of July 2014:

What are your 50 best photographs?

Show me YOUR 50 best photographs!

I am asking you now to do the same. I am challenging you: Which photographs would you choose if you had to send me your 50 best photographs by tomorrow morning? I promise, it is going to be an eye opening experience. One that is worth it.

(e.g. share it on your website, flickr, some other social media thing where you can share albums, dropbox, etc!)




Brian Kemper

And I was going to get so many other things done tonight…

Eric Seaholm

You want the photos. Care to expand on that request? i.e., how, where, etc. 🙂

holger feroudj

+Eric Seaholm Make an album on G+ or flickr or somewhere! Or put it on your website,  etc 🙂

Eric Seaholm

Well, that makes too much sense, +holger feroudj.

holger feroudj

Sometimes I have that bad habit +Eric Seaholm – sorry for spoiling the fun.

Mindaugas Balčiūnas

I remembered one 40 years old conversation betveen Jean-Paul Sartre and fellow lithuanian photographer Sutkus. Sartre asked, "How many professional photographers born in Lithuania?" "There are many professional photographers",- answered Sutkus. "Ahh! This is a laudable thing! In Frace we got only one professional" replied Sartre.

Christopher Puchta

That's an interesting challenge +holger feroudj ! (that i accept do to myself now :))
But i think 50 might be a bit much, unless you're an absolute veteran or shot in a multitude of different situations/conflicts/cities etc

Edit: There are some cracking shots in your Top50 that i hadn't seen before!

holger feroudj

I agree +Christopher Puchta – 50 is a huge number! But, when you try it yourself, see which number you feel comfortable with. Is it easier to pick your best 10 than your best 50? 😉

By the way thanks for the compliment – happy you noticed that there are some as of now unpublished photos there 😉

Eric Seaholm

Checked out your wares. Lake Yamanaka, masterful.

Ottaro Chabo

Very much an amateur but these are 50 of my favorite captures.

Christopher Puchta

+holger feroudj I managed 30 that i think i can say i feel good about/enjoy looking at/feel proud of etc.
50 was indeed stretching it and at that count it was a lot of photos that may mean something to me here and there, but "quality"!? I wouldn't be so sure…
So if someone can come up with 50 amazing, presentable photos where most people say "Yup…that's 50 very strong photos!", i'd tip my hat to that person 🙂
After going through (not all of) my photos, if nothing else i at least feel a bit more motivation to go and shoot again, which i had very little of lately…

holger feroudj

+Ottaro Chabo Thanks for making a selection and sharing these! I never tried macro photography myself – really intrigued by your shots and the details they show (not only in your macro shots!)

holger feroudj

+Christopher Puchta hehe 🙂 50 "very strong photos" is really a hard task. There are some photos you know you must include, but after that it becomes hard to choose which ones to put in the pot – or if you should put them in, at all… Also, there's exactly that point you made about photos that mean a lot to you, but might not be the strongest ones (but you'd never know because you're biased! Maybe these are strong, after all 😉
Anyway, I like your selection very much. You have many photos that need a 2nd glance to find some interesting detail. I love that. It makes me smile when I discover it. Thanks! (and I hope you liked the experience)

Ottaro Chabo

+holger feroudj Thank you. I love this challenge post you did, Great idea.
I enjoyed reading your comments.

Nigal Raymond

interesting challenge, I hope to get around to this at somepoint in the future when I've got time to access the archives.

It's interesting to compare how personal choice differs from the computer generated ones too.

I use Dopiaza's set manager tools on Flickr to automatically keep a collection of the most viewed/faved/commented etc but it doesn't really reflect my thoughts and opinions.

holger feroudj

+Nigal Raymond – Let me be rough with you, mate: "sometime in future" is too late :p You have so many awesome shots you can probably pick 50 best in an hour or so. The more I think about it, actually, the more I wanna see what gems you're hiding in your archive there!!!!

holger feroudj

P.S: Most fav/+1/"like" and your best pictures is gonna be two quite different pairs of shoes 🙂

Im going to try and do this on the weekend!

Yo ain’t got til the weekend my friend – 12 hours no more! 😉

here’s my waaaay belated amateur 50 selection, if you’ll still have it. it was really hard, i can barely find 10(ish) I like myself, and those probably just because they’re meaningful to me. it was a lot of fun too, though. also, wonderful selections – both yours, and the ones in the comments :).

Cool Alex! Very happy you took me up on the challenge and went through with it! I think you have something very essential that many people that “do photography” unfortunately don’t have, and that’s a good eye. Very interesting, I like it 🙂

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