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BLACK ICE exhibition by holger feroudj

BLACK ICE exhibition

I’m happy to announce my BLACK ICE exhibition in Tokyo from 2014 Oct. 17th to Nov 1st and the reception party on Oct. 18th

It is my first exhibition after 2 years and going to be themed around my recently released book “White Snow on Black Ice”. Of course, the book itself will be on display, as well, so everyone will have a chance to experience it without the need to commit to buying one, if it’s not sold out by then anyway.


BLACK ICE photo+book exhibition
by Holger Feroudj

Duration: Oct. 17th to Nov. 1st
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. 19:00 – 3:00
Venue: OFFICE Gaienmae



BLACK ICE展示で最近手作りの自分で出版した「White Snow on Black Ice」という写真集/アーツブックの上、本から取られた画像が違った風に大きいプリントとして展示されます。

Description (English)

This exhibition is based on my recently released handmade art- and photobook “White Snow on Black Ice,” and will show both the book as well as abstract large format black and white photographs taken from the images in the book.

Synopsis of the book:

“‘White Snow on Black Ice’ is the result of using photography and book design to capture the invisible bond of memories connected to places of my past I have rich memories tied to. Places that make me re-live certain events, painful and happy alike; however, memory does not work like a video recorder. Memory changes upon re-living it. The harder you try to see and remember, the deeper you go, layer by layer, the more likely you are to re-write your past without even realizing it. Until you feel that you really experienced it.
Using a multilayered design with a special kind of reflective printing on black paper, the process of browsing and looking at these photographs of the frozen ground I experienced so much on supports the feeling of how memory works.”

Both the exhibited photographs, as well as the book, give a deep impression on the fallibility and bias of our memory.

The story of the Fox

Not a part of the BLACK ICE series, I depended on it to keep the series together when on a wall instead of in the book. The fox is a print of mine that I come to love more and more as the years pass – I already shot it like 7 years or so ago. It’s like only now I get to know the little fella with his glance straight into my soul better. This is also the reason why so far it is the only print that I explicably offer as fine art print on my little store:

Some of the other prints I have have to stand the (emotional) test of time first.




Μελένια Μέλι

…….Wonderful……Good morning….!!!!!Melenia

Mocha Frap

+holger feroudj  DiD you say……….Coffee & Cocktails ?!? [ i'm iN — Let's GO ! ] i Would like 2 Attend this PARTY someday & meet you all @ +Drink and Click™ Tokyo, someday. [ Good Luck ! Enjoy ! CHEERS ! ]  :)))

holger feroudj

Thank you +Mocha Frap – not so much coffee, I think – more of the latter 😉 Why don't you stop by? Ah, right, because +Giovanni Piliarvu isn't coming…

Giovanni Piliarvu

yeah, well… you should do things when I`m around, you know ? I`ll miss it. 

holger feroudj

Priorities +Giovanni Piliarvu, it's all about how you set your priorities… I'll miss you.

Μελένια Μέλι


black ice is so cool right now i would love to get back out to Tokyo such a cool place to be

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