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Awesome Photographers on Ello

10+ Ello Awesome Photographers

The social platform Ello has been really taking off in 2014 – and the trend continues this year with ever rising speed.

So, you just joined and now you need to find people that share awesome content? Well, if it’s fantastic photographs you are looking for, congratulations: Your search has come to an end.

There are already one or two lists with photographers to follow online, but instead of putting hundreds of people that take photos (e.g. everyone!) on a list like the others, I decided to do my own with people that I follow and love myself, and who I have hand picked to high standard, giving priority to others than the usual suspects, so you can meet some new awesome people.


(updated 2015/07/03)

by @holgerferoudj (that’s me, haha)

The New Ones – July 3rd:

Matthew Schiavello @matthewschiavello
Can Agaoglu @canagaoglu
Ilya Perfilyev @perfilyev

The List:

Luca Venter @luca
Witchoria @witchoria
Timothy Saccenti @tsaccenti
Zack Roif @zckrf
James Heal @healbyphoto (some NSFW)
Resa Rot @resarot (some NSFW)
Simos Xenakis @simosxenakis
mamo delpero @mamo
Martin Gommel @martingommel
Georgios Karamanis @georgios
Grant Blakeman @gb
Damon Way @damon
Rinzi Ruiz @rinzizen




The list is going to be updated and extended on my blog as soon as I find more high quality photography.

If you think you got what it needs to be added or know someone else, send me a message! 🙂


Mark Swindells

Does anyone have an invitation they would kindly send me. I would very much appreciate it. 

Mark… I have a few invite codes if you want one. I seem to remember you from last century as I used to live in Bollington in the early ’70s. e-mail me at ed (dot) buziak @ gmail (dot) com and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks! I think he already made it to Ello –

Hope you guys can reconnect!!

Actually, I have thought about doing it like this at first 🙂 And probably will do a separate blog post, with just my favorites. But for that, I’m fist waiting for those to be more active there 🙂

Looking forward to it! The more lists the more to discover for other people 🙂

holger feroudj

+Mark Swindells I recommend you to join the "Ello Invitation" community on Google+ – I'm sure there are many people who still have invites left 🙂

Mark Swindells

+holger feroudj Yes I already have, I'll just hang in there. Thanks anyway for the advice. Hopeful I can get on your list soon. 🙂

Derrick Wess

What makes Ello good? I keep seeing it pop up but I'm not sure what the allure is so far. 

Kristopher Matheson

It's been an interesting week on #Ello, I haven't been able to sit down with it too much though. I hope the social aspect actually continues, well I find the level of social engagement to be par for most platforms.

Now to figure out if I really need another social media account, and if so how the heck will I use it? Thinking to be done this afternoon 😉

Heath Smith

I would really love to have a platform that is about the user not the ad on the side of the page. Love to give ello a try.

holger feroudj

+Derrick Wess I'm not sure yet. What makes it good for me right now is, in the first place, simply that it's new and stimulates my ways in another way outside if the usual. It makes me want to explore something new and while doing that I find new interesting people.
There are probably just as many or more interesting people to be found on the established social networks, too, though, so right now it's really just the newness factor.
I know many are jumping on it because they want to have a "lead" in it as one of the first, before it becomes big, just like the G+ biggies profited from being on G+ early on. Don't want to play that game though, it's too tiring and I don't have much time for that 🙂

holger feroudj

+Kristopher Matheson So, what's the result of your thinking? 🙂 I got your letter btw, thanks! Didn't have time to open it yet, so you'll hear back from me as soon!

holger feroudj

+Heath Smith Yes, the simplicity and no distractions is very pleasant. Let's see how it's gonna be once they include more features like their "like" system and re-sharing etc.
Thing is, the more content is on, the more "tools" you need to stay organized and find what you wanna find. Otherwise it's like Twitter but without the 140 characters restriction that I'd argue helps big time to not get confused. Let's see.

holger feroudj

I have +Derrick Wess – and I have used it on my phone. The app ended up to be so slow and tedious to use that I deleted it the same day :/

Derrick Wess

It looks like an upmarket instagram some days.

Kristopher Matheson

+holger feroudj I have some ideas, I know I don't want Ello to be just another dumping ground of the same info I dump on Twitter and G+ … I have a growing collection of things that inspire me which I think will get shared on Ello. See what happens as the week goes on, the novelty might wear off or it might grow into something I enjoy.

Finding some interesting people on Ello, which has turned into the odd extra follower in other places.

Would love to be added to this list! @hell_ojenny

Hey, thanks for your comment. I like your photos – I put you on the shortlist for the next update.

Hey man, would appreciate it if you could take a look at my page @blupace niceblog and I enjoy your ello page…


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