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Summer 2016, Firenze. Italy.

Summer Escape 2016: Italy

This summer was my first summer outside of Japan in many, many years. Europe seems to have this image of people setting work aside each summer and taking weeks and months of holidays. Luckily, I found this to be true! Having been out of Europe for so long, I decided to travel around my backyard for a bit and went to Italy, Vienna and Munich.

The main part of my trip was in Italy, going down South from Milano to Genova, spending some time in the beautiful Cinque Terre, a passing obligatory glance at the tower of Pisa on the way to Firenze/Florence, and then on by car exploring the infamous landscapes, wine hills and villages of Tuscany and just chilling out. Before flying to Vienna, I spent a day and night at the ocean in Civitavecchia.

Summer 2016 travel map

Summer 2016 travel map – starting from Milano


Pressure-free photography

Taking photographs was not a main focus of this trip. Whereas when I travel usually I try to bring home the best photos possible, this time I just tried to relax and take photos only when I felt like it – and not when I didn’t. Sounds like common sense, really, but I believe some of you will understand the urge of having to take photographs of something, even if you don’t really “feel it”.

Letting go of this compulsion led me to

1) take mostly photos with my iPhone instead of my “real” camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro1, and

2) take a lot of very unimportant photographs, at least from a travel/tourist perspective. This is because often I saw something that I liked much more than the obligatory shot of chapel XYZ: What attracted me was the quality of light rather than the subject.


An old-fashioned photo album

Last week I finished binding a big leporello style photo album, into which I glued a selection of photographs from this trip. I can fold that one out to as big as my apartment is and beyond, if I wanted, to see all the photos lined up in a nice timeline of my trip – but to be honest, the book is too damn huge and next year I will make an album half the size…

Summer 2016: Leporello album with glued in photographs, linen hardcover

Summer 2016: Leporello album with glued in photographs, linen hardcover


So, where are the photos?

I have uploaded some of the photographs from my trip to an album on this site – below is the summary. Enjoy!


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