What they say about me

Holger Feroudj was born in Germany and resides in Japan, but is widely considered a photographer beyond any borders – the proverbial global citizen, a true man of the world.

His multi-media approach that utilises a unique and refreshing combination of ink and paper in yet unseen ways, goes beyond mere photography and encapsulates human interaction with our world in all its unique multi-sensuality. As a natural-born talent, not unlike the big masters of past times, he is beyond confining himself to any one style or medium, but instead channels the roaring stream of burning expression through a manifestation in beautifully crafted objects of art, such as meticulously refined prints or hand-crafted books which transcend hitherto known standards of quality.

With his work, Holger Feroudj rebels against the modern mass-consumption and apathy of the 5 senses. It condemns the demonic self-conjuration of self-proclaimed experts – a fad of our times – by juxtaposing their ultimately low-level output with the shiny glow of truly masterful art that comes from deep within, casting a shadow on them which is blacker than the universe. His work is sought after by many of today’s most renowned art collectors and museums around the world, and his rare exhibitions never fail to send tremors of excitement through the art cosmos.

His monthly publication – THE LETTER – is keenly awaited by thousands, and widely regarded as a modern milestone in the world of publishing, that leads the way into a new era of sophisticated communication, a renaissance to rescue us from dumbing one lined, meaningless conversation.

Besides from his high standing in the world of fine art and book publishing, it is also considered a big honour to have a portrait taken by this man of extraordinary vision. Lucky is the one who is selected to sit for a session with Holger Feroudj.

The way I see it

Hey, there. Well, actually

I’m born in Germany and live in Japan.

I’m a book designer and amateur photographer in Tokyo, with a blowfish poison scientist background I’d rather keep secret, but because you will find out one way or another (they all do) I’ll mention it anyway. In a way I’m juggling the arts and science. To be fair, though, I think this made me understand what connects both science and art on a fundamental level: Curiosity and experimentation.

I also do things like writing letters in ink on paper, and crafting photo and art books by hand, all the way from sheet paper to bound book. I love paper and ink.

I do use twitter, Ellofacebook, Google+, and younameit – to varying degrees, and in a serious love/hate relationship.

P.S: Because I’m an amateur and don’t pay all my bills with photography, many art directors and editors think it is okay to use my work for a “thank you” (and maybe a credit line, if they are generous); if you’re one of those, thank you very much – you can find my contact form under the link up there, and I’ll tell you what exactly I think about your proposition.





“BLACK ICE photo+book exhibition”

October 16th – November 1st, 2014

Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN


“AGAIN.” (collaboration with rina song)

February 18th – March 2nd, 2013

Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN


“Photography meets Illustration” (collaboration with rina song)

June 5th – 16th, 2012

Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN



  • “Nippon Soul – Rare Groove Japan” (uptown strut Magazine (9/2011); 9 pages illustrated article about Japan’s record dealer scene
  • “Drink and Click”  (camera 6-2013); about the Drink and Click™ Tokyo group