Japanese body painting

Live body painting session with Shohei Otomo in Tokyo, Japan, in 2013.

orig¬≠i¬≠nal¬≠ly pub¬≠lished in April 2013

In March I shot some pho¬≠tos for an event orga¬≠nized by ERECT Mag¬≠a¬≠zine, a Japan¬≠ese arts mag¬≠a¬≠zine and book pub¬≠lish¬≠er I interned at in 2013.

The event was an exhi¬≠bi¬≠tion (‚ÄúSUPER ERECT EXHIBITION‚ÄĚ) with and by artists pub¬≠lished by ERECT, and was one of many events hap¬≠pen¬≠ing at the annu¬≠al Rop¬≠pon¬≠gi Art Night in Tokyo. One of the show‚Äôs high¬≠lights was a live body paint¬≠ing ses¬≠sion by Shohei Otomo.