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Summer Escape 2016

This sum­mer was my first sum­mer out­side of Japan in many, many years. Europe seems to have this image of peo­ple putting work aside each sum­mer and tak­ing weeks and months of hol­i­days. Luck­i­ly, I found this to be true! Hav­ing been out of Europe for so long, I decid­ed to trav­el around my back­yard for a bit and went to Italy, Vien­na and Munich.

The main part of my trip was in Italy, going down South from Milano to Gen­o­va, spend­ing some time in the beau­ti­ful Cinque Terre, a pass­ing oblig­a­tory glance at the tow­er of Pisa on the way to Firenze/Florence, and then on by car explor­ing the infa­mous land­scapes, wine hills and vil­lages of Tus­cany and just chill­ing out. Before fly­ing to Vien­na, I spent a day and night at the ocean in Civitavecchia.

(first pub­lished Novem­ber 2016)

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